Equipment OEM/ODM

Equipment OEM/ODM Service

GPM own a lot of precision machining equipment, manufacturing experience and professional technical teams, which can provide high-quality and high-efficiency equipment OEM/ODM service. Customer can focus on R&D and marketing by handing over product design, part and components procurement and manufacturing processes to GPM.

GPM can support overseas customers to sell brand equipment to China, realize the localization of manufacturing, installation and after-sales service in China, and let customers focus on R & D and sales.

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R&D Team

GPM R&D is composed of more than 50 senior engineers. Based on 20 years of machining experience of GPM company, it is developed as a team for OEM/ODM equipment design and production to serve customers in an all-round way.

The R&D team mainly focuses on the design, assembly, debugging, after-sales service and a series of work for non-standard automation equipment with excellent manufacturing management experience and quality control system.

Design & Engineering

The R&D engineer shall carry out OEM / ODM work after receiving customer needs. In order to ensure the customer 's requirements for the use of the equipment can be perfectly realized, engineers need to study and discuss how to realize the function and how to reduce the cost according to the non-standard equipment drawings, so as to obtain the appropriate design.

For the confirmed design, engineers need to refine the proposal and carry out multiple review meetings to ensure each drawings are carefully checked and approved, so that the equipment can be manufactured succesfully.

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Expertise and experience: GPM have extensive expertise and experience to properly assemble various equipment and ensure functioning.

Quality assurance: GPM have advanced equipment and a strict quality control system and carry out inspections and tests to ensure that equipment meets pre-determined standards and customer needs before delivery.

Fast delivery: The GPM assembly team can complete the assembly faster and deliver the equipment to the customer in the shortest time to meet the urgent needs of the customer.

After-sales service: Through localized service team and efficient response time, GPM can ensure to meet customer needs.

Equipment Upgrade

GPM provide equipment upgrade services and tailor-made solutions to help oversea customers easily achieve equipment localization upgrades and flexible after-sales service. Our engineering services cover a variety of industries, such as general precision instruments, equipment for medical, semiconductor, new energy, optics and robotics.

We have an experienced and skilled team of engineers, covering software, electrical and mechanical fields, providing one-stop equipment upgrade services, including on-site equipment evaluation, program design, on-site construction, equipment installation and commissioning, training guidance and other full-service. We take the customer demand as the guidance, pay attention to the details, and strive to provide you with the best quality service.

Equipment upgrade

Process Flow

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